Throughout its history of almost a century, The University of Queensland has shared with the world's great universities the enduring values of creating and transmitting knowledge, the passionate and disinterested pursuit of truth, the maintenance of the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship and the enhancement of society's core values.

As Queensland's first and pre-eminent university, The University of Queensland is one of only three Australian foundation members of the multi-national Universitas 21 group of world-class, research-intensive universities. It offers programs across a wide range of disciplines and is committed to benchmarking its operations against international standards of best practice and to maintaining a diverse and principled scholarly community of outstandingly able and ethical staff and students.

In a situation of competition, uncertainty and change, The University of Queensland seeks to identify and develop new and appropriate strategic priorities in teaching and research, in the development, management and diversification of our resource base and in the use of new technologies to provide leading-edge infrastructure. The University's Strategic Initiatives Fund plays a crucial role in helping achieve new priorities across a wide range of activities by leveraging significant sources of new funding.

New, world-class research institutes and centres, the continuing development of innovative programs, courses and pedagogies and an abiding commitment to enhanced levels of quality assurance and accountability reflect some of the ways in which The University of Queensland seeks to honour its responsibilities both to its own community and to the wider communities with which we interact.