For almost a century, the University of Queensland has been committed to the enduring values of great universities throughout the world, the creation and transmission of knowledge, the passionate and disinterested pursuit of truth, maintenance of the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship and the enhancement of society's intellectual, cultural, economic and social well-being.

As Queensland's first and pre-eminent university, the University of Queensland is one of only three Australian foundation members of the multi-national Universitas 21 group of world-class, comprehensive and research-intensive universities, which is committed to benchmarking all aspects of its operations against the highest international standards of practice.

The University of Queensland is moving confidently into a world of unprecedented change and uncertainty, competitiveness and internationalisation, characterised by an accelerating growth of knowledge driven strongly by the new information and communications technologies and by remarkable advances in biotechnology and other fields of research.

While maintaining its abiding commitment to the creation of a diverse and harmonious scholarly community of outstandingly able and ethical staff and students, intelligent and dynamic change now informs all of the University's operations. New strategic priorities in teaching, research and in the development and management of our resources are being identified and implemented in conjunction with new partnerships with business, government and the wider community. A University-wide Strategic Initiatives Fund is playing an increasingly vital role in ensuring that these new priorities are achieved.

The University will strive to enhance the satisfaction of students, graduates, partner organisations, public bodies and the general community in their involvement with its activities and will use measures of quality assurance and accountability to demonstrate and seek to improve the quality of its performance.

In these and other ways, the University of Queensland is honoring its commitment to excellence by striving continually to enhance the outcomes of all of its activities, to take advantage of the new technologies and to develop new world-class infrastructures in teaching, research, management and support service.