A vision to guide growth and development into the future

The University of Queensland is preparing a master plan for its St Lucia campus. The plan will present a long-range vision for development, with the capability to adapt to the changing academic and research environment.

UQ is committed to involving the community in the development of the Master Plan. This includes UQ students and staff, and people who live and work in the surrounding suburbs.

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Draft Master Plan

The consultation period for the new Draft Master Plan has now closed.


Community Information Sessions

The University has held community information sessions at two different points in the development of the Draft Master Plan.

Two community information sessions were held in November 2016 for the Master Plan Key Directions Paper and the proposed design for the Student Residences Project.  More than 100 attendees had the opportunity to discuss the projects with members of the University senior executive and project consultants. Information displayed on the day can be found at the links below:

Two additional community information sessions were held in March 2017 for the Draft St Lucia Campus Master Plan. More than 60 people attended and once again, members of the University senior executive and project consultants were available to provide information and answer questions. Information displayed on the day can be found at the link below: 

Other material that was made available can be found here.


Master Plan Community Reference Group

The University has established a Community Reference Group (CRG) to provide input and feedback into the University’s master planning process through 2016. The CRG is one of many opportunities for the community to engage in this process. It will enhance communication between the University and the community and complement other elements of community engagement also underway.

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Project Update

The University is reviewing the early draft of the St Lucia Campus Master Plan in response to initial community and stakeholder feedback. The University thanks the community and stakeholders for their contributions to the master planning process and acknowledges their concerns. The Master Plan process has been running throughout 2016, underpinned by a detailed stakeholder and community engagement program, including the establishment of the Community Reference Group, focus groups, community information sessions and stakeholder briefings.

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As this is an ongoing project, you can continue to provide feedback to The University of Queensland via the following channels: