The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 sets the direction for UQ over the next four years as we pursue our vision of providing ‘knowledge leadership for a better world’.

This period will be a challenging and exciting time as the University adapts to a rapidly changing environment and ensures that our students are prepared to not just succeed but to provide leadership in the future.

The plan encapsulates a commitment to remaining comprehensive, and emphasises collaboration, diversity, and partnered innovation as critical means of solving complex global challenges.

Our Vision: Knowledge leadership for a better world

Long-term objectives

Medium-term strategic focus areas



The Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 is the result of a comprehensive consultation process across the University community, and reflects the input of hundreds of people. The Vice-Chancellor extends his personal thanks to everyone who has contributed the development of this plan.

The UQ Annual report provides a statement of the University’s progress against our previous Strategic Plan 2014-2017, and will in future reflect the strategies outlined in our new Strategic Plan.

Progress toward The University objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan is monitored using Strategic Key Performance Indicators (staff only), and reported to The University Senate annually in the Annual Progress and Achievement report (staff only).

Archived Strategic Plans can be viewed here.

Operational Planning

To ensure progress in implementing the University’s strategic direction, an annual UQ Operational Plan is developed and monitored.

This incorporates input from all Faculties, Institutes, and Senior Executive Portfolios, ensuring that it is truly a ‘One UQ’ plan which both reflects the broad strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan, and captures how these are being implemented ‘on the ground’.

The University of Queensland Operational plan, and those of the contributing organisational units, are available here (staff only).

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