Strategic Directions and Plan 2014-2017

The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017 is the key document in the University's cycle of planning and accountability. It articulates the University's focus through a set of strategic objectives which describe where UQ wants to be in four years, while strategies outline what we will do to achieve our objectives.

The Strategic Plan is organised around the three pillars which have served UQ so well - Learning, Discovery and Engagement - and a group of Enablers (people and culture, resources, and governance) which provide critical support to the pillars.

Achieving our objectives will require us to improve our performance. The Strategic Plan is supported by the University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017 Key Performance Indicator Scorecard which sets out our key performance indicators and targets. As a University, we will monitor and report on progress against our KPIs annually.

The University's commitment to its Strategic Plan is collective and democratic: the entire University is responsible for its delivery and achievement. Through a tiered planning process, all areas in UQ can connect their activities to the University's objectives.

  • The University Operational Plan identifies new initiatives which will have a significant University-wide impact on achieving the strategic objectives.
  • Organisational Area Operational Plans identify activities being undertaken by individual faculties, institutes and key administrative areas which support the delivery of strategic objectives.

Archived Strategic Plans may be viewed here.

Operational plans

UQ Staff may view the current University Operational Plan and Organisational Area Operational Plans (for faculty and institutes) here (password required).

Progress and Achievement Reports

The 2015 Annual Progress and Achievement Report provides an update on the University’s progress towards the 2014–2017 Strategic Plan and KPIs. This is the second year such a report has been developed. UQ Staff may view the current progress and achievement reports here (password required).

Planning framework

UQ has created an annual quality and planning framework that integrates a formal planning process with a series of performance measurement and benchmarking systems through a hierarchy of review, recognition and reward mechanisms. UQ’s vision, mission and values guide its strategic direction, with the Strategic Plan the key instrument used to realise its vision.

UQ Quality and Planning Framework

Institutional Performance Portfolio

Institutional Performance Portfolios (IPP) are published annually by the Commonwealth Department of Education and review the performance of Australian universities against a range of metrics. The IPP is based on the most recent official data sets which are collected by the Federal Government through the Higher Education Data Collections, and support discussions between the University and the Department of Education on a wide range of issues.

Contents include higher education provision; student experience; student outcomes; equity and access; research, innovation and research training; resources and infrastructure; and staffing capabilities.

Strategic Plans section

Operational Plans

Archived Strategic Plans