Many of the University's collections have evolved from the interests of individual scientists. Others have been developed specifically to enhance teaching and learning. The collections play a vital role in the University's core activities and double as a valuable community resource.

Anthropology Museum

School of Social Science

The Anthropology Museum houses a significant collection of ethnographic material, numbering 19,000 artefacts and 5000 photographs. It is the largest university collection of ethnographic material and visual culture in Australia and includes unique and rare items. Just under half of the collection comprises things created by, or relating to, Aboriginal Australian culture groups and individuals. An equally large section of the collection is derived from, or concerned with, diverse Pacific peoples. There are also smaller complementary collections from Africa, South-East Asia and China.

Location: Michie Building (Building 9) [See map], Level 1, St Lucia Campus
Telephone: (07) 3365 2674
Fax: (07) 3365 1544
Admission:  Free; 11am–3pm, Monday to Friday. Low-cost group tours can be arranged by appointment.

Antiquities Museum

Classics and Ancient History

The Antiquities Museum exhibits artefacts from the ancient worlds of western Asia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. The collection supports University teaching and research and studies by school students, interest groups and individuals.

Location: Michie Building (Building 9), [See map], Level 2, St Lucia Campus
Telephone: (07) 3365 3010
Admission: Free; 9:30am–4:30pm weekdays


UQ Art Museum

The University of Queensland Art Collection is one of Queensland’s most significant public art collections. The Collection comprises works by Australian artists from the colonial era to the present, and the Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese antiquities.

Location: James and Mary Emelia Mayne Centre (Building 11) [See map], St Lucia Campus
Telephone: (07) 3365 3046
Fax: (07) 3365 9004

Free Entry  
Monday to Saturday, 10am—4pm
Wednesday, 10am—8pm
Closed Sunday and public holidays

Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History

School of Medicine

This collection of medical memorabilia, medical and surgical instruments is one of the finest in Australia. It includes instruments and equipment such as a 19th century carbolic spray (used for antisepsis during surgery) and a copy of the apparatus Wilhelm Roentgen used to discover X-rays in 1895. Photographs and books are also on show.

Location: Mayne Medical School [See map (pdf)],  Herston Rd, Herston, Brisbane
Telephone: (07) 3365 5423 (Museum Officer)
Fax: (07) 3365 5433
Admission: Free (by appointment)


Past Students Association Museum, Gatton Campus

Memorabilia collected over half a century by past students and staff forms the UQ Gatton Historical Collection, part of which is housed in the Past Student Association Museum.

The museum has fascinating photographs and artefacts on display featuring the development of the campus and community under its identities as the Queensland Agricultural (High School and) College, as well as its consolidation with The University of Queensland in 1990.

Location: Upstairs, Morrison Hall (8123), Rooms 31-32, UQ Gatton Campus
Telephone: (07) 5460 1724 
Admission: Free (by appointment)


Physics Museum

Opened in 1988, the Physics Museum displays optical, electrical, acoustical and other scientific equipment plus books, catalogues and instruction manuals. Many date from the University's first year of teaching in 1911. Near-antiques of brass and mahogany sit beside newer but equally obsolete items like electron tubes, spiral slide rules, a computer card punch and sheets of computer magnetic core memory. Free admission, open 12–1pm Mondays during teaching weeks.

Location: Parnell Building (7), Room G73, Ground Floor, St Lucia Campus
Telephone: (07) 3365 3369 (Curator) or (07) 3365 3414 (Office)
Fax: (07) 3365 1242
Admission: Free; open 1–2pm Thursdays during teaching weeks.

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