The University's long-term strategic objectives and immediate operational priorities for each of its key areas of activity are set out in full in later sections. However, the University Senate has determined that the most critical operational priorities for the immediate future are to:

  • increase the numbers of international and postgraduate students;
  • increase the number of students attracted from other universities into honours and postgraduate programs;
  • develop new teaching modes and approaches;
  • achieve improvements in student course experience satisfaction;
  • improve research productivity, focussing on areas of existing or emerging strength;
  • achieve leadership in the transfer of technology; increase engagement in mutually beneficial partnerships with outside organisations;
  • increase revenue from non-government sources;
  • improve information technology infrastructure;
  • improve management practices and systems; and
  • enhance the physical environment of the University's campuses.

Strategic initiative funds will be applied preferentially in support of these priorities.