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Fighting back against superbugs

The growth of superbugs has driven significant research at UQ.

Saving lives by preventing cervical cancer

Two vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™, are the result of research on papillomavirus virus-like particles, conducted at UQ’s Diamantina Institute, partner i...

Nanopatch offering global impact

The Nanopatch™, a leading needle-free method for delivering vaccines, is another example of UQ-based research that has the potential for significant global impact. Invented by Professor Mark Kendall and his team, the Nanopatch™ has recei...

Leading the way in food security

Playing an important role in the future of the world’s food security, UQ is a global leader in northern agriculture and food research. As one of the few research-intensive universities in the world located in a subtropical environment, the Uni...
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