The diversity of ethnicities, cultures, languages and beliefs within the UQ community is significant. Over one fifth of all students speak a language other than English at home. Staff originate from at least 87 different countries.

A university is a place where diversity is and should be expected. It is a place where ideas flourish and respectful debate must be open and free. All members of the university community must feel able to express their culture, their language and their beliefs, secure in the knowledge that these will be respected and valued. The diversity of our staff and student populations contributes to innovation, enhances the teaching and learning experience and marks UQ as a truly international institution.

Valuing Diversity section

UQs cultural diversity at a glance

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples 25 staff (0.42% of total staff) identified as being from an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background in 2006. 0.57% of domestic stude...

Cultural diversity and inclusive practice resources

The University of Queensland has developed, from a Flinders University initiative, a Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit (CDIP Toolkit). It is designed to assist all members of the University Community to promote mutually respectful relat...

UQ polices relating to equity and diversity

List of University codes and policies relating directly to equity and diversity

Grievance resolution

The University has the following policies: Racism Discrimin...

Equity Office website

The Equity Office facilitates the development of strategies, policies, programs and procedures that enable the University to fulfil its commitment to equity and diversity in employment and education.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit (ATSIS) Website

Link to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit website