University of Queensland Annual Report for year ended December 31, 1998.

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Because of the size of the whole report, we have presented it in segments as follows.  Some segments are broken down further into individual or groups of sub-pages. The sub-pages are all included in their segments' PDF file, but can be downloaded individually if required.

  • Front cover

  • Back cover
    Including a profile of the University of Queensland - a leader among Australia's 38 universities.

  • The year's highlights

  • Five years at a glance (performance table), 1998 revenue and expenses chart

  • Vice-Chancellor's review

  • Strategic direction
    - Mission; plus strategic aims, aspirations and commitments. [pages 4-8]

  • Organisation
    - Basis of authority: enabling legislation and controlled entities. [page 9]
    - Lines of responsibility (organisational chart). [page 10]
    - Senate: membership of the University's governing body. [page 11]
    - Governance: major decision-making bodies and profiles of senior executives. [pages 12-13]

  • Teaching and learning
    - Review including course and graduate outcomes, enrolments, international links, teaching innovations and awards, library and other facilities, use of technology and outlook for the future. [pages 14-22]
    - University medallists -this year's elite graduates. [page 23]
    - Academic honours - world-class excellence in the student body. [page 24]
    - Sporting honours - high-achievers in University sports.[page 25]

  • Research and research training
    - Review including placings in competitive funding rounds, research income and outcomes, national and international links, postgraduate work and outlook for the future. [pages 26-33]

  • Management and resources (includes financial overview below)
    - Review including personnel, equal opportunity, OH&S, Y2K, freedom of information, code of conduct, whistleblowers, environmental management, benchmarking and outlook for the future. [pages 34-41 ]
    - Financial overview, including operating budget and actual expenditure. [pages 39-40]

  • Community partnerships
    - Review including service through teaching and research, sharing of expertise and resources, fundraising, graduate and corporate relations, community events, communications and outlook for the future. [pages 42-47]

  • Index [page 48]

  • Teaching and research sites throughout Queensland, including map. [inside back cover]

Appendices detailing academic staff activity overseas and annual financial statements are available in print form as a separate volume; please contact the University's Office of Marketing and Communications, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane 4072. Ph: (07) 3365 3367 or email: