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Physics I to R
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Table of contents
1. Alphabetical list of terms, below:
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Physics I.
26.0.0 Ice
20.0.7 Ideal gas constant, Universal gas equation, PV = nRT
20.0.11 Ideal gas constant/Boltzmann constant
8.6.0 Ignition, Combustion
9.1.0 Illusions, optical illusions
4.128 Image with a convex lens, magnifying glass
1.14 Immersion oil Impedance in an RC circuit
16.10.01 Impulse (change in momentum)
16.3.6 Impulsive force, thrust, balloon on a balance
33.4.0 Incandescence, electric light bulb, filament lamp
21.3.0 Inclined plane
2.6.3 Incubators, brooders
See: Incubators (Commercial)
30.6.0 Induction, Electromagnetic induction
See: Induction (Commercial)
16.9.0 Inertia
4.57 Infiltration and capillary action by groundwater
12.3.17 Inflate balloon with low pressure and high pressure bottle
4.135 Infrared rays source
33.7.0 Instruments to detect electric current, Electric current measurement
23.7.0 Insulation, Conduction of heat, thermal conductivity
31.4.0 Insulators and conductors (Electrostatics)
6.15.2 Integers
26.8.0 Interference and diffraction of sound, beats
27.57 Interference, Young's two-slit experiment (double-slit experiment)
6.3.0 International system of units, SI, Système international d'unités (French) Internal resistance of a cell
23.107 Invar, Bimetallic strip, compound bar, thermostat
37.39.2 Inversion layers (Weather)
4.109 Inversion, lateral inversion, Mirror images Inverted drinking glass
2.2 Investigation, Experimental investigations
Ions ionic, ionizer, ionizing (Chemistry)
See: Iron (Commercial)
20.4.04 Isothermal change, internal energy, thermodynamics
13.6.1 Isotropy and thixotropy, Cornstarch, cornflour slime

Physics J. Jacob's ladder, Conduction in gases,
See: Jars (Commercial)
2.2.4 Joly photometer, Light bulb brightness, wax block photometer
22.2.01 Joule, J
22.10.0 Joule's equivalent, Mechanical equivalent of heat
See: Jugs (Commercial) Jumper leads, Starting the engine with jumper leads (motor car)
See: Automobile Jumper Leads (Commercial)

Physics K.
28.2.6 Kaleidoscope
8.3.2 Kater's reversible pendulum, Measure "g" Kelvin scale, absolute zero
36.107 Kepler's laws of planetary motion
KB kilobyte (Electronics) Kilogram, mass
3.3.0 Kilometre, Length (l), the kilometre (km), metre (metre, m)
2.2.04 Kilowatt-hour, kWh (energy)
9.2.0a Kinetic energy
9.1.0 Kinetic motion
32.4.1 Kirchhoff's circuit laws, DC circuits, circuit diagrams
Kitchen Household, home, kitchen items
4.8 Kites, Flying kites (Primary)
See: Kites (Commercial)
4.56 Knife switch, Switches in a circuit (electricity)
See: Knife Switch (Commercial)
Knot Nautical mile (measurement)
26.4.12 Kundt's tube (sound standing waves)

Physics L.
See: Label Maker (Commercial)
See: Laboratory Equipment (Commercial)
See: Laboratory Suppliers (Commercial)
See: Labware (Commercial)
Lampholder (Commercial)
37.39.1 Lapse rate, Layers of the atmosphere, auroras (Weather)
Lasers Latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vaporization
4.109 Lateral inversion, Mirror images (inversion, lateral inversion)
36.42.2 Latitude, nautical mile, knots, log, logbook
23.6.5 Lava lamps, Convection cells ( See: 1.)
See: Lava Lamps (Commercial)
Rubber Latex, caoutchouc
See: Lead metal (Commercial)
32.7.0 Lead-acid battery (motor vehicle)
See: Leads, electrical leads (Commercial) Leap second
Leclanché cell dry cell LED, Light-emitting diode (Electronics)
See: LEDs (Commercial)
7.5.2 Leidenfrost effect, water drops on hot stove
33.3.4 Lemon cells (electricity) Length
28.1.0 Lens, Refraction of light, lens
See: Lens (Commercial)
30.6.04 Lenz's law
See: Lenz's law (Commercial)
23.8.13 Leslie's cube
See: Leslie's Cube (Commercial)
21.1.0 Levers
31.4.6 Levitron, Superconductors
See: Levitron (Commercial) Leyden jar
13.2.7 Lift from spin, "swerve ball", curve ball, golf balls, Bjerknes' tube
24.1.2 Lift ice cube with salt
12.4.2 Lift pump
12.3.9 Lift water with air pressure
4.215 Lift the water surface
13.2.6 Lift water by blowing, Venturi tube, fly spray, chimney effect
12.3.23 Lifting power of balloons containing different gases
28.0.0 Light
See: Light (Commercial)
2.2.4 Light bulb brightness, Joly photometer, wax block photometer
4.65 Light bulb, Make a model electric light bulb (incandescent filament lamp)
27.7.0 Light rays, Visible light rays
4.120 Light rays through lenses
14.3.0 Light stick, Chemiluminescence, bioluminescence
4.105 Light travels in straight lines, pinhole magnifier
36.14.2 Light year, parsec
See: Lighters, Matches (Commercial)
27.61 Lighthouse prism, Fresnel lens Lighting circuits, Circuits in homes
4.43.1 Lightning warning device, Franklin's bell Lightning, sparks
14.3.0 Light stick, Chemiluminescence, bioluminescence
See: Lighters (Commercial) Lime water, Tests for carbon dioxide with lime water
17.6.0 Linear momentum, stream impulse
23.2.0 Liquid expansion caused by heat
See: Expansion (Commercial)
12.2.0 Liquid pressure, fluid pressure, hydrostatics
15.6.15 Lithium-ion battery
See: Lithium (Commercial)
26.9.01 Load cell, Telephone carbon microphone, transducer Loaded beam
39.3.0 Logic circuits (Electronics)
39.4.0 Logic gates (Electronics)
25.2.2 Longitudinal wave with a coiled spring, slinky spring Lorentz force law
10.3.1 Lost volume, Shrinking mixture of liquids
26.2.4 Loudness, decibels, threshold of hearing, audible limits
26.9.2 Loudspeaker, Microphone and loudspeaker
1.12.0 Low-cost equipment, simple equipment
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LP gas)
Log logbook
17.2.0 Lubrication, Reduce friction
Luge, face-up and feet-first sled, toboggan, Olympic sport
4.104 Luminance and illuminance, candela, candlepower
Luminescence Luminous intensity, candela, cp
36.12.03 Lunar month, synodic month (Astronomy)
35.6 Lustre (metallic lustre, non-metallic lustre) (Geology)

Physics M.
21.0.0 Machines
See: Machines (Commercial) Magdeburg hemispheres, vacuum pumps
See: Magdeburg Hemispheres (Commercial)
27.108 Magenta, Secondary colours
15.6.17 Magnesium / copper battery
33.3.14 Magnesium pencil sharpener electrodes
See: Magnesium (Commercial)
29.3.0 Magnetic field of the Earth Magnetic fields and forces, magnetic flux
30.3.0 Magnetic fields of current-carrying coils & solenoids Magnetic forces Magnetism and temperature, Curie point
29.1.0 Magnetism, Classes of magnetism, domains, magnetic permeability Magnetism, Hanging magnets and inverse square law, magnetic pole strength of bar magnet
35.14 Magnetism test (Geology) Magnetization, magnetic moment Magnets
See: Magnets (Commercial)
See: Magnetic stirring bars spin bars, (Commercial) Magneto, Polar inductor magneto Magneto, Rotating magnet magneto
30.2.2 Magnetoresistance
30.2.1 Magnetostriction, humming sound of transformers, fluorescent light ballast Magnets
28.1.0 Magnifiers, lens, refraction of light
4.129 Magnifying power of a lens
See: Magnifiers (Commercial)
36.15 Magnitude (Astronomy) Magnus effect, Rotational stability, dynamic stability
4.2.2 Mains-operated equipment
See: Mains lead (Commercial)
"Make" Use the term "Prepare" for making chemical compounds
Make fabricate, manufacture, Use "Construct", for any building or machine.
34.5.0 Malleable, Mechanical properties of materials, elastic, ductile, malleable
36.20.4 Man in the Moon illusion
See: Manganese (Commercial)
14.140 Mangonel, Catapults, slingshots, trebuchet, onager, ballista
12.2.1 Manometer, water manometer, pressure gauge
See: Manometer (Commercial)
Marathon, distance 42.195 km
10.4.5 Mariotte bottle (Mariotte flask, Mariotte siphon)
See: Mariotte Bottle (Commercial)
8.1.0 Mass and weight
36.10.2 Mass, inertial mass and gravitational mass Mass, kilogram
36.10.5 Mass of the earth, Gravitational field of the Earth, g
See: Mass (Commercial)
Matches safety matches
See: Matches Lighters, (Commercial)
34.0.0 Materials
2.0.0 Mathematics, graphs
See: Mathematics (Commercial)
3.0.0 Matter as particles, Particles, size of particles
11.2.2 Maximum density of water
23.2.7 Maximum density of water, Hope's experiment
36.20.10 Measure the distance to the Moon, parallax
6.0 Measurement
See: Measurement (Commercial)
3.5.4a Measuring cups, jugs spoons
See: Measuring Cylinders (Commercial)
6.4.4 Measuring instruments, micrometer screw gauge, vernier calipers
21.02 Mechanical advantage (MA) of a machine
22.10.0 Mechanical equivalent of heat, Joule's equivalent
34.5.0 Mechanical properties of materials
See: Mechanics (Commercial)
MB megabyte
22.2.03 Megawatt-hour, MWh Meissner effect
24.5.0 Melting point, M P, freezing point, F P
See: Melting (Commercial)
2.1.6 : Meniscus (GIF)
See: Mercury (Commercial)
36.12.04 Meridians, Greenwich meridian, (Astronomy) Mersenne's law, Sonometer, single string monochord Metal detectors
7.3.1 Metals, Properties of metals
37.0.0 Meteorology, Weather
See: Meteorology (Commercial)
Meters (electricity meters)
See: Meters (Commercial)
Methane natural gas, CH4 Metre stick balance Metre, Length
6.4.4 Micrometer screw gauge, Measuring instruments, vernier calipers
3.3.0 Micrometre, Length (l), the kilometre (km), metre (metre, m)
See: Micrometers (Commercial)
3.5.7 Micron (mu)
1.1.0 Micronization
26.9.0 Microphone, Sound recording and reproduction
2.22.0 Microscopes, care, use, staining techniques
See: Microscopes (Commercial)
See: Microscope Slides, Microslides (Commercial)
See: Microtomes (Commercial)
19.3.5 Microwaves, microwave cooking
27.170 Mie scattering, Scattering, Rayleigh scattering
15.2.5 Milk separator, Centrifuge
12.1.01 Millibar, Pressure definitions
Millilitre, one millilitre (mL), the basic unit of capacity, is equivalent to one cubic centimetre (cc or cm3).
3.5.7 Millimicron, Micron, mu
35.2.0 Minerals, properties of minerals (Geology)
35.4.0 Minerals, Rocks and minerals, general properties (Geology)
28.4.6 Mirage illusion
4.109 Mirror images (inversion, lateral inversion)
28.3.0 Mirrors, Reflection of light at curved surfaces, curved mirrors
28.2.0 Mirrors, Reflection of light at flat surfaces, plane mirrors
See: Mirrors (Commercial) Miscible, Liquids float on liquids, miscible and immiscible liquids
23.6.5 Miso soup, Convection cells ( See: 4.)
37.5.7 Mist (Weather)
12.1.01 mmHg, Pressure definitions
See: Mixers hotplate and stirrer, (Commercial) Mobius strip
See: Models, (Commercial)
35.10 Mohs scale of hardness, Hardness (Geology)
37.7.0 Moisture enters the air, evaporation (Weather)
37.8.0 Moisture leaves the air, precipitation (Weather)
20.0.7 Molar gas constant, Universal gas equation, Ideal gas constant, R (PV = nRT)
5.1.0 Mole, amount of substance
5.1.1 Mole, Prepare molar solutions
3.5.1 Molecular models
10.3.0 Molecular spacing
18.3.1 Moment of inertia, angular momentum Moments, torque
16.10.0 Momentum, seat belts
See: Momentum (Commercial)
14.2.14 Monkey and hunter, mid-air target Monochord, Sonometer, single string monochord, Mersenne's law
36.20.0 Moon, Observing the Moon
24.1.06 Morse equation, Osmotic pressure equation
See: Mortar & Pestle, (Commercial)
3.66.5 Mortar, sand and slaked lime, sand and cement Motion, Equations of uniformly accelerated motion
15.4.0 Motion in two dimensions
15.4.3 Motion of the centre of mass
See: Motion (Commercial)
32.7.0 Motor vehicle battery, Lead-acid battery Motor vehicle, Electricity in motor vehicles Motor vehicles, automobiles, cars
30.1.0 Motors and generators, DC / AC
See: Motors Electric Motors, (Commercial)
4.219 Move a boat with surface tension, detergent, soap
33.89 Movement of copper and chromate ions
33.90 Movement of ions between microscope slides
30.7.0 Multimeter, Electromagnetic induction applications Mutual-inductance, Inductors
26.3.2 Musical instruments, Resonance in air columns
26.3.1 Musical instruments, Resonance in strings
26.6.0 Musical notes, ear and voice, tones

Physics N.
3.3.0 Nanometre, Length (l), the kilometre (km), metre (metre, m)
1 nm = 10-9 metre (10 angstroms) (formerly 1 millimicron)
Natural gas methane, CH4
Nautical mile
37.44 Navigation data used by a ship at sea (Weather)
23.0.0 Negative thermal expansion (NTE), Coefficient of thermal expansion
Neodymium Nd (magnets)
See: Neon (Commercial)
8.0 Neutralization, Acid-base neutralization, acid with base forms a salt and water
4.44 Newspaper stays on the wall
Newton Sir Isaac Newton, 1642-1726, England, Newtonian, non-Newtonian
15.6.14 Nickel-cadmium battery Nickel-metal hydride battery
See: Nickel (Commercial)
Nichrome alloy
5.5.15 Nitinol memory wire
See: Nitrogen (Commercial)
See: Nitrate (Commercial)
13.6.0 Non-Newtonian fluids
16.3.1 Normal reaction
9.6.0 Nose and smelling, taste, flavour, odour
9.2.12 Nose basher pendulum
36.43 North, Find the north-south line from the Sun, Moon and stars (Astronomy)
24.1.01 Nucleation
See: Nuclear Physics (Commercial)

Physics O.
36.23 Obliquity of the ecliptic, precession and nutation Octave and pitch, sol-fa, (solfege), syllables
Odour, Nose and smelling, taste, flavour:
35.15 Odour and taste (Geology) Oersted's effect, magnetic field around a wire
See: Oersted's Apparatus (Commercial)
32.3.01 Ohm's law, rheostat Ohmic and non-ohmic resistors
See: Ohm's Law (Commercial)
35.23.10 Oil shale and fracking, (hydraulic fracturing) (Geology) Open right-hand rule
4.131 Optical bench for studying lenses
28.11.0 Optical, optical devices, (low-cost)
9.1.0 Optical Illusions
28.0.0 Optics, Light rays, geometrical optics
See: Optics (Commercial)
6.4.2 Order of magnitude (nearest power of ten, a factor or factors of ten)
6.4.3 Order of accuracy
35.3.0 Ores and ore bodies (Geology)
36.49.1 Orrery, Model of the solar system (Astronomy)
4.222 Oscillating mercury
26.1.0 Oscillation, Wave properties of sound, vibration
15.1.0 Oscillations, Pendulums
See: Oscillations (Commercial)
38.8.4 Oscilloscope, cathode ray tube CRT, cathode ray oscilloscope CRO (Electronics)
See: Oscilloscope (Commercial)
9.14.0 Osmosis, osmotic pressure, reverse osmosis
See: Osmosis (Commercial) Overhanging pile, leaning tower of Lire
6.14.0 Oven temperatures
See: Ovens (Commercial)
4.241 Oxidation and air pressure, steel wool over water Oxyacetylene welding
13.1.29 Oxygen, O2
See: Oxygen (Commercial)
See: Ozone (Commercial)

Physics P.
See: Packaging (Commercial)
15.2.5 Pail of water, Centrifuge, milk separator
2.0.6 Parabola equation (GIF)
1.41 Parachute, Falling parachutes (Primary)
14.1.02 Parallelogram law, Vector addition, vector diagram
28.3.9 Parabolic mirrors
36.20.10 Parallax, Measure the distance to the moon Paramagnetism
36.14.2 Parsec, Light year
10.1.0 Particles of matter, Diffusion
3.0.0 Particles, matter as particles, size of particles
3.7.1 Parts per million, Concentration, parts per million (ppm)
13.3.10 Pascal's diaphragms
13.3.0 Pascal's hydraulic press, Hydraulics, hydraulic lift, Bramah press
12.2.5 Pascal's vases, balanced water columns
12.1.01 Pascal (SI unit of pressure), Pressure definitions
See: Pascal's Laws (Commercial)
19.3.12 Pasteurization of milk Peltier effect (supercooled water)
33.84.7 Pencil sharpener galvanic cell
15.1.0 Pendulum, Oscillations
See: Pendulum (Commercial)
14.2.6 Penny and feather, Coin and feather, guinea and feather experiment
6.15.0 Perfect numbers (Mathematics)
26.12.05 Period of rotation (Astronomy)
28.2.5 Periscope
29.1.03 Permanent magnets Permittivity, dielectric constant
1.10 Persistence of vision illusion, Spinning picture, Thaumatrope (Primary)
Perspex Polymethyl methacrylate
1.31 Petri dish
See: Dishes, Petri Dishes (Commercial)
pH tests (Chemistry)
See: pH (Commercial)
21.3.4 Philips screw heads
24.2.0 Phase changes, liquid / gas, boiling point, B P
24.1.0 Phase changes, liquid / solid, M P and F P
36.20.1 Phases of the Moon
36.20 12 Phases of the Moon and lunar eclipses
32.1.4 Photoelectric cell, voltage produced by light
See: Photoelectric Planck's Constant, (Commercial)
27.8.0 Photometry, photometers, photoelectric cell, photoelectric effect, light meter
7.1.6 Physical changes, Chemical changes and physical changes
3.0 Physics equipment and general equipment
See: Physics suppliers, (Commercial)
7.0.0 Physics laboratory safety, Laboratory safety for physics teaching Pi, π
See: Piezoelectric (Commercial)
21.5.4 Pile driver
4.218 Pinch together water streams
5.14 Pinhole camera (Primary)
4.42.1 Pinwheel, Electric pinwheel, a simple electrostatic motor
See: Pipe-clay Triangles (Commercial)
See: Pipettes (Commercial)
26.2.0 Pitch, frequency
4.46 Pith ball indicator (static electricity indicator)
4.143 Pith ball indicator, electroscope
See: Pith Balls (Commercial)
13.2.18 Pitot tube
13.2.8 Plane, Aerofoils, Parts of an aircraft
28.2.0 Plane mirrors, Reflection of light at flat surfaces
3.4.0 Plastics, Polymers and plastics, (Chemistry)
See: Plastics Ware, (Commercial)
See: Platinum (Commercial)
11.4.12 Plimsoll line, load lines
23.105 Plug and ring, Ball and ring, (heat expansion) Plumb line, Centre of mass with a plumb line, plumb bob Plumber's force cups, suction cup, suction disc
13.4.5 Poiseuille flow (viscosity)
3.10.0 Poisons and First Aid (Table)
34.5.06 Poisson's ratio, v
27.9.0 Polarization, Polaroid film
27.191 Polarization by scattering
18.0.0 Pollution, Environmental chemistry
See: Polonium (Commercial)
18.0.0a Pools, Swimming pool chemistry
16.3.19 Pop pop boat
See: Porcelain Ware (Commercial)
See: Porous Pots (Commercial)
3.66.6 Portland cement
See: Potassium (Commercial)
33.3.7 Potato cell
12.3.6 Potato puncture, push drinking straw through a potato
31.7.07 Potential difference (voltage) Potential energy, Chemical potential energy, enthalpy Potentiometer, EMF of two cells with a potentiometer
See: Potentiometers (Commercial)
28.6.3 "Pour" light from a beverage can (Critical angle and total internal reflection) Power, AC
33.5.0 Power, Electric power and energy, power supply Power surge circuit breaker, fuses
33.5.11 Power, Compare power of incandescent torch globes
See: Power (Commercial) Precession, Gyroscope, flywheel
36.42.0 Precession of the equinoxes, Equinox (Astronomy)
36.23 Precession, Obliquity of the ecliptic, precession and nutation (Astronomy)
7.6.0 Precipitates, Suspensions and precipitates
37.8.0 Precipitation, Moisture leaves the air (Weather)
Prepare (Chemistry) Present, The "present" (Time)
12.0.0 Pressure
12.2.12 Pressure in beverage cans
See: Pressure (Commercial)
Primary cells (Voltaic cells)
27.107 Primary colours, rainbow
6.15.01 Prime numbers (Mathematics) Prince Rupert's Drops, tempered glass, toughened glass
See: Prism (Commercial)
15.7.0 Projectile motion
See: Projectiles rockets, (Commercial)
See: Projectiles, Rockets, (Commercial)
See: Proof Plane (Commercial)
21.3.8 Propellers
3.2.2 Protective clothing and equipment (Safety)
Protective clothing safety equipment
12.1.01 psi, Pressure definitions
37.8.1 Psychrometer, Wet and dry bulb thermometer (hygrometer, psychrometer) (Weather)
See: Publishers (Commercial)
B2. Pull tabs (ring pulls), Beverage can opening
21.5.0 Pulleys, block and tackle
See: Pulleys (Commercial)
36.37 Pulsars (Astronomy) Pulsar, Voltage outputs from the pulsar / astable module (Electronics)
12.7.0 Pumps, syringes
See: Pumps, Syringes, (Commercial)
5.25 Push and pull forces (Primary)
13.2.3 Push down paper cards by blowing, flow can create lift
12.3.6 Push drinking straw through a potato, Potato puncture
3.68 Putty (glazier's putty)
7.2.6 Putty, Dilatant compound, "Silly Putty", silicone
17.5.18 "Pycrete" ( See 3.), Interleaved telephone books
35.33.1 Pyroelectricity, ferroelectricity

Physics Q.
3.4.2 Quantity of chemical to be used in experiments Quark
35.30.1 Quicksand (Instruction)

Physics R. Radial final circuits, Circuits in homes
15.0.4 Radian, Angular velocity, radians, rad (circular motion) Radians
Radiation Heat radiation
See: Radiation (Commercial)
Radiation radioactivity, radioactive elements
27.28 Radio waves and TV waves Radioactivity, radiation units, curie
20.4.2 Radiometer, Crookes' radiometer
37.5.0 Rain gauge, precipitation gauge, rain, drizzle, snow, hail
27.18.0 Rainbows, Visible spectrum, Spectrum
37.37.5 Raindrops, stair rods illusion
37.37.4 Rain making, Cloud seeding
4.195 Raise heavy weights with water pressure
3.2.2 Rank scaling tables (statistics)
24.1.03 Raoult's law (vapour pressure)
3.7.0 Ratio and proportion, concentration (Mathematics)
4.110 Ray box for beams of light
27.170 Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering RC circuits (impedance) RC circuits, resistance-capacitance circuits
Rechargeable batteries Secondary cells Reaction force from a water jet
Reactions of (Chemistry): Recoil, bow and arrow, catapult, fire a rifle
26.9.0 Recording, Analogue and digital recording
See: Recording timer ticker timer, (Commercial)
33.3.5 Rectifier, Simple chemical rectifier
26.7.0 Reflection and refraction of sound
28.3.0 Reflection of light at curved surfaces, curved mirrors
28.2.0 Reflection of light at flat surfaces, plane mirrors
4.34 Reflection of radiant heat waves
28.1.0 Refraction of light, lens
4.91 Refraction of waves in a ripple tank
4.125 Refraction, Measure refractive index
See: Refraction (Commercial)
See: Refractometers (Commercial) Refrigerator door magnet, Halbach array, Maglev train, Magnetic levitation
24.7.2 Refrigerator, ice chest, portable ice boxes, espresso coffee machine
10.2.0 Relative density, RD, Hydrometers
11.2.0 Relative density, Density of liquid, relative density, RD, density bottle
6.17 Relative humidity (wet and dry bulb thermometer)
37.8.4 Relative humidity table (depression of the wet bulb)
15.8.0 Relative motion (moving reference frames)
9.0.1 Renewable energy, biomass, hydroelectric, solar, wind
See: Renewable Energy (Commercial)
4.140 Repulsing balloons (Electrostatics) Resistors and Ohm's law' (AC circuits)
32.3.0 Resistance and Ohm's law, resisitivity, resistors
4.62.1 Resistors in series and parallel Resistors, resistances, switches, resistance box
See: Resistances (Commercial) Resolution of forces, inclined plane
27.63 Resolution, resolvance of diffraction grating, spectrometer, microscope, telescope
26.3.2 Resonance in air columns, musical instruments Resonance in electrical circuits, LC circuits, resonance
26.3.1 Resonance in strings, musical instruments
See: Resonance Kundt's tube, (Commercial)
9.242.0 Resuscitation Retentivity (magnetism)
See: Retort Stands (Commercial)
28.2.19 Retrodirective mirrors, Corner cube, corner reflector
8.3.2 Reversible pendulum, Measure "g" with Kater's reversible pendulum
13.6.3 Reynolds' dilatancy (compacted grains)
32.3.01 Rheostat, Ohm's law
See: Rheostat (Commercial)
31.5.14a Rhumkorff coil, "Scientrific", (Commercial) Richter scale, Earthquakes Right-hand rule, open right-hand rule Ring circuits, Circuits in homes
B2. Ring pulls, Beverage can opening
25.1.0 Ripple tank, Waves, springs, wave motion
See: Ripple Tanks (Commercial)
36.20.5 Rising and setting Moon
36.20.6 Rising moon illusion
13.6.5 Rising stones, granular mixtures, Brazil nut effect
See: Risk Assessment (Commercial) RL circuits (resistance-inductance circuits), RL circuit impedance RLC circuits
See: Robots (Commercial) Rockets
See: Rockets, Projectiles, (Commercial) Rocking candle, balancing candle, burn a candle at both ends
35.7.0 Rocks (Geology)
35.4.0 Rocks and minerals, general properties (Geology)
21.4.3 Rolling coins Rolling uphill Rolling spheres
Roman alphabet (Greek alphabet)
6.13.0 Roman numerals
30.5.06 Root mean square values, RMS values, peak value, electrical power systems Rope and three students
4.142 Rotate colour discs Rotational and translational kinetic energy of the earth Rotational kinetic energy
18.0 Rotational dynamics
18.3.2 Rotational energy
18.3.6 Rotational stability
See: Rotary Motion Accessory Kit, (Commercial)
Rubber latex, caoutchouc
15.3.0 Rusting

See: Lasers (Commercial)
26.9.4 Compact disc, CD
7.5.0 Laser safety
27.57 Young's two-slit experiment (double-slit experiment)
27.30 Lasers, coherent light (Young's two-slit experiment)
27.67 Babinet's principle of diffraction
28.2.19 Corner cube, corner reflector, retrodirective mirrors
27.82 Dichroic polarization colours
27.34 Diffraction of light, diffraction grating, spectroscope
38.2.2 Diodes, laser diodes
27.57 Interference, Young's two-slit experiment (double-slit experiment) 7.5.0 Laser safety
28.1.1 Speed of light ( See 4.2, Rotating mirrors)
27.81 Michelson interferometer
27.170 Scattering, Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering
27.31 Single slit and double slit diffraction
27.69 Speckle spots and random diffraction interference
27.71 Thin film interference, soap film interference
28.6.1 Total internal reflection, fibre optic cable
27.32 White light diffraction

See: Meters (Commercial)
33.7.0 Instruments to detect electric current, ammeter, galvanometer, voltmeter

Newton, Sir Isaac Newton
See: Newton (Commercial)
Newton products:
"Bottle Jet Drag Racer", Newton's laws (toy product)
"Newton's Cradle", conservation of momentum, periodical motion (toy product)
"Poly-Ox, Polyethylene oxide", non-Newtonian self siphoning gel (toy product)
"Rocket Balloons", Newton's third law (toy product)
"Silly Putty ", silicon-based polymer, non-Newtonian, dilatant (toy product)
"Slime School Lab Pack", non-Newtonian liquid, pre-dissolved PVA (toy product)

Newton experiments Adjustable angular momentum
4.164 Action and reaction, pushing forces
15.2.0 Centripetal force and centrifugal motion
15.0.6 Centripetal force, Fc
12.6.6 Citric acid with NaHCO3
34.7.2 Coefficient of restitution, elasticity
31.2.0 Electric charge, C, Coulomb's law
31.7.02 Electric field strength, E = F / q
16.3.9 Fan on a boat, Newton's sailboat
29.2.6 Force on current-carrying wire
17.0.0 Friction, Static and sliding friction, Ff = uFN
See: Friction (Commercial)
20.0.4 Gas pressure
31.7.1 Gauss' law, permittivity, farad
35.10 Hardness, Mohs scale of hardness
22.2.0 Heat as a form of energy Inertia tricks ( See 6.) 16.6.0 Linear momentum Magnetic fields and forces, magnetic flux, Φ Magnetic force on a charged particle
8.1.0 Mass and weight, weighing devices (balances)
See: Mechanics (Commercial)
27.72 Micro projector, Newton's rings, diffraction
See: Momentum (Commercial)
11.4.04 Newton / metre2, Fluid pressure Newton, The newton, symbol N
5.2.1 Newton's bucket experiment
5.0.0 Newton's bucket experiment
16.3.9 Newton's cart, Newton's sailboat, fan on sailing boat Newton's cradle, colliding balls, counting balls
4.36 Newton's law of cooling
16.0.1 Newton's laws of motion
16.1.0 Newton's laws of motion
27.72 Newton's rings with float glass
36.10.1 Newton's universal law of gravitation, universal gravitational constant, G
9.2.0 Newton.metre, Conservation of energy, work, energy
17.3.02 Newtonian fluids
13.6.0 Non-Newtonian fluids
17.3.03 Non-Newtonian fluids, dilatancy, thixotropy
See: Nuclear Physics (Commercial)
12.1.01 Pressure definitions
See: Robots (Commercial)
See: Rockets (Commercial)
4.142 Rotate colour discs
6.3.0 SI, International system of units
19.0.0 Surface tension
21.0.0 Units of work and energy, joule, kilowatt-hour
14.1.02 Vector addition, parallelogram law Viscosity, non-Newtonian fluids
4.105 Weightlessness

Rubber, latex, caoutchouc
See: Balloons, helium chart, (Commercial)
10.7.6 Condom, male latex condom
23.6.4 Heat and cool rubber bands, rubber band heat engine
23.6.2 Latex plants
11.4.7 Model diving bell, model submarine, diving bottle
23.6.1 Natural rubber
23.6.3 Negative thermal expansion (NTE), of rubber, entropy Polyterpenes (many isoprene units), e.g. rubber (C5H8)n
23.6.5 Stretch rubber bands
3.6.11 Vulcanization